Even More Satisfied Customers

To John,

We really find it difficult to put into words how pleased we are with our new sunroom.
The foundation alone was the most solid and strong we have ever seen. I honestly believe I could drive my big truck up on it and park it.

Everything about the room surpassed our expectation. The inside size is far greater than what we thought it would be. The sliding glass doors and windows are truly state of the art. Also the a/c and heating unit is super nice.

Last but most important to us was the work crew that assembled it. Very professional, accurate, and expert Craftsmen. They always had time to talk to us when we were around and answer all our questions. The roof tie-in with the shingles looks very very nice.

Thank you!
Travis & Sonja W.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for installing the screening in the gutter. It did the job and kept out all the Fall leaves.

I’m really enjoying my Four Seasons “all glass room.” The Fall foliage was beautiful and sitting out there surrounded by the outside made it extra special. As my Granddaughter says, it’s “neat” being able to look up and see the clouds and jet trails.

I also want to thank you for helping with the few small problems and answering all my questions. It is always good to know you are just a phone call away. The response was always so fast. With all the renovations on my home, working with SunLife has definitely been the most pleasant and easiest of all the contractors who have been here.

Suzanne J.



We purchased our Tiger River Caspian Spa on 10/21/06. We have 5 grandchildren & they love the spa! One time last winter when there was snow on the ground we ran through the snow & then jumped in the spa. It was very exciting. My son-in-law wired outside speakers near the spa so we can enjoy our CD’s in the spa. I love the stars & even purchased a star chart so I could identify the stars we see from our spa.

We have had no maintenance issues & the spa is incredibly easy to maintain. I talk to people that have other spa brands and I’m glad I have a Tiger River. I haven’t really noticed an increase in our electric bill.

When I first got the spa I worried about doing everything right. I called SunLife at least 5 times over the first 6 months and spoke to people in the store when buying supplies. Everyone is always informative. The best advice I got was to stop worrying so much & enjoy my spa!



Dear Tina:

Thanks for your note and invitation to have a rep come visit us re a Four-Season sunroom. We had our sunroom built this summer by Four Seasons out of Hickory and are enjoying it to no end.

Hope you can pass along the information that SunLife was the best builder-contractor we have ever worked with! The workmanship is superb, the people we dealt with were wonderful. They always did what they said they would and when they said they would do it. We have had several houses built as well as a 13-month remodeling job, and SunLife was the best.

I really hope this information gets to the top, and also to SunLife out of Hickory.

I would be happy to download a picture if you would like. We have just completed (almost) the interior decorating and all is coming out so beautiful. We feel as though we are sitting in a garden overlooking the beautiful mountains of Asheville.

Thanks again,
Wally L.


Dear John,

On Saturday, August 4, I visited your store, SunLife, and bought some patio furniture. Maleah & Cheryl worked with me to accommodate my particular needs. They were kind, considerate and knowledgeable. I will return to your store just to work work with them. What a nice experience!

Joanne A.


The spa is a relaxing place to be after a hard day of work. The warm water and wonderful jets makes the whole body revive again. With my back and shoulder problems I need the powerful jets to hit the right spots. My Caldera spa was well worth the money spent.

Thanks again SunLife for all your help with my spa!



Dear Sharon,

We just want you to know how much we are enjoying our Caldera spa. We use it at least once a day and are in it for one hour at a time with a temperature of 102 degrees.

If anyone should ask, it seems to have increased our electric bill by about $.70 per day. This was from Feb. 10th to Mar. 10th.

Thanks for all your helpfulness.

Sid S.


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to your “You’re The Star” promotion. My wife and I purchased a 2007 Solana TX Spa from Joyce in your Peters Creek location in Winston-Salem on November 16, 2007. Our experience with Joyce was very pleasant and she was able to give us knowledgeable information about not only your company but the product we were about to purchase. Delivery was coordinated at a time that was convenient with our schedule and your delivery team gave us a courteous call not only when they were leaving the store but also again as they were approaching King. The unit was placed in a difficult location without incident or damage to our new hardwood floors.

The spa is GREAT! I have rheumatoid arthritis together with a degenerative neck condition and I use it nightly. The jets are positioned perfectly in the areas that are the most important and its treatment for my condition is insurmountable.

My wife stopped by your store yesterday to purchase maintenance supplies and Joyce continued to be a pleasure to deal with. It is obvious that the customer is not forgotten about after the sale! Our overall experience with Sunlife couldn’t be better and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has a need for the products that you sell.

Bruce B.


Dear Charles:

Thanks for the help you gave me today with the window crank I needed. We purchased our Sunroom in 1996, and it is almost 10 years old now. We have really enjoyed it over all these years, and as our family has grown it is even more useful.

Our family gathers at our house every Sunday evening for dinner, so we have an overflow crowd, which now spills over from the dining room into the Sunroom. The grandchildren go out there to eat, and talk. It provides a very nice place for them to go. We have separate A/C, and heat just for that room so we can keep it at any temperature we desire, so it is used year round. I have seen many people build Sunrooms, and then not be able to use them, because it ws either too hot, or too cold. With the glass we have in this unit, there is no problem making it useable period. And it looks very nice. Thanks again for your help, and providing us with such a nice unit.

James I.


Dear SunLife,

After much searching for just the right hot tub for my small enclosed patio with a drain in the middle, Cheryl was able to acquire just the right one…a Caldera Aventine in June of 2007. As it would happen, the only Aventine on the floor was already sold and I was told another would not be available. However, when Cheryl came out to measure and take pictures to see which other tub might fit, she discovered that the Aventine was just the perfect hot tub to fit the corner of my small patio and leave the drain open. She went back to her office to discuss the situation with the buyer. In a few days I received the call that she could get the Aventine…music to my ears! I am appreciative of her perseverance to make all this happen.

The installation crew worked carefully and diligently to install the tub in a somewhat challenging area. Coordination with an electrician to be on site at the time worked well. My calls with questions and/or concerns haver been returned. Cheryl even made one home visit to allay my cocerns about the settings.

At this time, the tub is used several times a week and has not affected the electric bill more than a few dollars. I find the use of the tub to be very helpful to my tired back. I look forward to continued quality service from the SunLife staff.

Jean F.


Dear SunLife Spas,

I purchased a Prodigy Spa in December of 2000 and have enjoyed it immensely. I use it 4-5 nights a week for 30 minutes to 3 hours at a time. I am very pleased with the performance and low maintenance of the spa.

I tested 15 other spas before I purchased this model and was amazed how quiet it was while in operation. Prior to purchasing a spa, I was concerned about the daily operating cost. Most spa dealers told me it would cost around $20-35 a month to operate a spa around 103 degrees. I didn’t think that was too bad because I really wanted a spa.

Recently, I was entering my daily expense on Microsoft Money Management and realized that I was paying around $8 a month to operate my spa. I broke down the monthly utilities from the time I moved in my new house without the hot tub and the months after I got my hut tub.

My average utility bill was $80 a month with the house temperature setting at 74 degrees year round before I hat my hot tub. After I purchased my hot tub, it averages out to only $88 (plus or minus $2) a month with the hot tub setting at 103 degrees. WOW that’s around 26.5 cents a day, where can you get that kind of relaxation these days for that price? In addition, I am running a 230 volt 6000 watts no fault heater. Not bad huh?

I am a true believer that Hot Spring Spa is the best spa for the money. With their reliability, high performance, low maintenance, and energy efficient operating cost, there is no comparison. Thanks again for the wonderfuly products and staff at SunLife Spas.

Gui T