Primo grills are the ONLY ceramic grills made in the USA. Their founder and leaders oversee the entire creation process to ensure each grill meets our quality standards. Their unique, patented oval design also allows for you to cook using both direct and indirect methods at the same time! Using our divider plate, you can cook a steak with direct heat on one side and chicken with indirect heat on the other side! Primo makes it fun to cook. But more importantly, Primo gives your food the absolute best flavor. You need to taste the difference!

One Grill – Endless Possibilities

Primo’s ceramic, oval construction combined with an array of accessories helps you cook the way that YOU want to cook. You can grill a steak with veggies on an extension rack on a Friday, on Saturday bake a fantastic homemade pizza, and then have some awesome smoked Pork Barbecue on Sunday. Whatever kind of cooking you enjoy, we can help you set a Primo up just for you.